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Guang Zhou, also known as the City of Ram, City of Flowers, is the capital of the Guang Dong province, one of the core cities of China. It is also one of the earliest shores to be opened in China, an international trading destination, with a thorough shipping transportation system. Guang Zhou is geographically positioned at the north of the Pearl River Delta. With close proximity to Hong Kong and Macau, Guang Zhou prides itself in being the door to Southern China, connecting the core magnesium of the Pearl River Delta and associated areas.

The GUANGZHOU FAIR is a city-wide major event organised by the Guang Zhou Municipal People's Government. 25 years into this annual event, much have been achieved in terms of economic growth, business collaboration, cultural exchange.

The 26th GUANGZHOU FAIR is held on 24th – 27th August 2018 at the China Import And Export Fair. This event continues the momentum of the Fortune Global Forum in 2017, an opportunity for our government to once again showcase the 19 philosophical pillars internationally. Especially in the Guang Zhou region, this new era of China-styled Socialism under the leadership of President Xi is thoroughly displayed in the workings of our city. Our high quality economical infrastructure and contemporary systems opens up a brand new face of urban development, in order to implement togetherness in building, managing and enjoying our local society, leading the way in national growth with confidence and determination.

The 26th GUANGZHOU FAIR boasts a total area of 150,000 square metres, built around the theme of "Collaboration", aiming to stay firm at the Pearl River Delta, visualise opportunities aboard, service our great nation'. This reaffirms our nation's "One Belt One Road" strategy, to explicitly display the 40 great years of Guang Zhou's development since the Reform and Reopening.. This event will emphasise in introducing Guang Zhou's "IAB" and "NEM" strategies, promoting new developments and collaborations between Guang Zhou and other major cities. The GUANGZHOU FAIR is equipped with comprehensive exhibitions such as  "Domestic Friendly City Exhibition", "International City and Commodity Exhibition", "Guangzhou City Comstruction and Famous Products Exhibition"; plus 7 specialization exhibitions such as "2018 Guangzhou Taiwan Commodities Fair", "2018 Guangzhou (International) Famous Agricultural Products & Food Expo", "2018 The 6th CCH Guangzhou International Food & Beverage Franchise Exhibition", "The 7th Guangzhou International Rail Transit Industry Exhibition 2018", "China International (Guangzhou) Fishery & Seafood Expo 2018", "The 2nd China (Guangzhou) International Elderly Health Industry Expo 2018", "2018 Guangzhou AR/VR Industry Lnnovation Forum and Exhibition".

The 26th GUANGZHOU FAIR will be equipped by world-class event management and customer service to establish a high quality platform for our variety of guests to exchange, and to provide the most accurate industry magnesium for businesses to seamlessly connect. 

We therefore sincerely invite national and international government officials, corporate companies and industry professionals from the associated industries to join the 26th GUANGZHOU FAIR, either as attendees or exhibitors, in order to open up win-win colleboration and business opportunities.